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 My Fantastic and inspirational suggestions;)

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My Fantastic and inspirational suggestions;) Empty
PostSubject: My Fantastic and inspirational suggestions;)   My Fantastic and inspirational suggestions;) EmptySat Aug 24, 2013 3:24 am

Firstly, I think this server is very good so far, But could do with some tweaks, Its hard for me to spot out ones Area and AJ havnt already said, but ill try my best;)

1. Some people claim that customs make a server rubbish…but without them you are just playing runescape. Make LOADS of customs…some crap ones…some ultra rare ones.   ( If possible )

2. Mini quests that are ongoing, These can be stuff like “Cut down 50 trees” which then carries on increasing to “Cut down 5000 trees” which then give you points which could be used to buy armour or weapons. ( If possible, If not i can try help out on the coding)

3. Why not have 2 chests for game tokens? Maybe 1 could have better loots, But it would cost maybe, 5 tokens each time?Smile

4. Monthly/ Weekly events is always fun:), Drop partys, lotteries, Give-aways, Etc:) , Maybe have members of staff run, Hide and seek, Hp events, Stuff like that:), This keeps players interested and gives them a fun time:)

5. COMMANDS Very Happy,, ::HOME, ::SLAYER, ::PK,, Makes it alot easier:))

All i can think of at this moment in time:( I hope you guys like them, I will add more soon:)

Jack Very Happy
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My Fantastic and inspirational suggestions;)
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