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PostSubject: SUGGESTIONS 2.   SUGGESTIONS 2. EmptySat Aug 24, 2013 2:59 am

Suggestions 2 by the sexy Area Wink

(1) when a new player logs in, add a greeting message like "New player "......" has logged in, this way all the players will be able to greet this person and make them feel a part of the family from the start Very Happy

(2) When a player hits a 99 or 120 in dungeoneerings case, make it come up as a global message E.g " Area has just achieved 99 Prayer" this makes the player feel proud and gives them motivation when people give them positive feedback about how well they are doing Very Happy

(3) with the skilling area seperate all of them into seperate locations and add a command called ::skills which when brought up will tell you what the commands for the skill is. for example ::mining or ::fishing.

(4) with ::players bring up a note on the screen which tells you what players are online, this can help so if someone is in need of staff they can type ::players and check what staff is online.

(5) another option for the staff, is add a command for players which if they are in need of help, they type the command like ::help and it gets sent to all members of staff online, and then the members of staff can help the player with what they need.

(6) add a vote points system as the current one does not work and also add a shop at home in which players can spend their vote points! Smile
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