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 Cassidy's moderator application. <3

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Infernal Airi
Infernal Airi

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Cassidy's moderator application. <3 Empty
PostSubject: Cassidy's moderator application. <3   Cassidy's moderator application. <3 EmptySun Sep 08, 2013 8:00 pm

What is your ingame username? Slendy Girl and Infernal Rue

Have you ever been staff on a server before? Yes multiple times.

If answered yes to above what server? Emps scape Masterrealms Dahorayscape near reality ultimate scape.

Why do you deserve staff?I believe i deserve to be a staff member because, i love to help always be online make sure the server itself is doing well hosting events making sure the swearing is at a minimum i have had a lot of experience as moderator/administrator/co-owner/head-administrator, i always help people around the server as well i am always generous n great-full respectful kind n caring i may have been here for a couple of weeks but i can tell you already i absolutely adore this server and want to do everything in my power to make it the best one known usually when someone knew is around i usually give them a heads up of people to ask if they need help or myself if none of the staff Members or Owner isn't available, i love to chat n make sure everyone is getting along i do not abuse the rights as a staff member i only use the commands at the last point where they will not stop flaming or threatening or disrespecting the members i will always give the first warning and if they continue then they are either muted banned or jailed.

Have you ever committed an offence that has caused action to be forced on your account? (Jail, ban, mute) etc. Yes i have been black marked.

If answered yes to above, why? Long story short, i got into it with Dope Pk when he was on me and him went at it for a good.. i don't know, half an hour.

How many hours a day are you available? 15-16.

What do you do if someone is spamming?Give them a warning if they continue i will Jail them and wait for the owner or any of the staff members to be so the issue can be handled with properly.

Will you recruit new players, or just lie to get staff rank? I will recruit as many people as i can i do not lie to get a rank of a staff member that is completely rude and not nice to do including when the people have put trust and faith into you for having that position.

How many people have you helped out in-game? Get them to post on your topic i honestly have helped a lot of people if they do not feel like posting on the application that is perfectly okay with me i do not force anyone to post on an application.
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Cassidy's moderator application. <3
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