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 Cassidy's Assistant application.

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Infernal Airi
Infernal Airi

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Cassidy's Assistant application. Empty
PostSubject: Cassidy's Assistant application.   Cassidy's Assistant application. EmptyTue Sep 03, 2013 5:06 pm

Hey everyone my name is cassidy some know me as cassie infernal rue slendy girl or infernal Airi I am applying to be an assistant in the server because i would love to assist anyone that needs help or is new to the server i am well known already which shocks me uhm the owner knows me quite well i am very generous sweet kind trusting nice n caring i have had multiple experiences as administrator moderator assistance on servers a lot of the times, i have never been a co-owner though.

In-game name:Infernal Rue or Slendy Girl

How long have you been on here for?:A couple of days but i would love to assist the server as much as i can.

Why should I choose you?:Well to be honest i think you should choose me because i love to help show people around the server make events happen have fun communicate with the people make sure the server doesn't really swear always keep it at a minimum i try to be active as much as possible I myself have loved to be as much help as i can be and i also want to prove to the server i can do the right thing and help it out the forums as well what else can i add.. uhm.. well i try to explain myself as much as i can and give advice .. i may have not donated yet but i plan to when i get the time and money too i love this server and its community i would love to become an assistant so i can be of assistance when moderators administrators of the owner himself isn't online.

Will you be active during every event?: Of course i will be active in every event if i wasn't i wouldn't be hosting them now would i? Razz

a few more things i would like to add.

Age Fifteen years old.

Name Cassidy or Cassie whatever makes you comfortable to call me.

interests: Helping the server as much as possible.

Hobbies: Music Dancing Being active on the server playing my Xbox drawing and singing.

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Cassidy's Assistant application. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cassidy's Assistant application.   Cassidy's Assistant application. EmptyWed Sep 04, 2013 12:00 pm

Good luck Smile I reckon you'll be good. You're pretty active Smile
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Cassidy's Assistant application.
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