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 How to: Summoning

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How to: Summoning Empty
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Hi everyone, below you will find the how-to guide to Summoning. This is a very easy guide to follow, and it is very short.

Requirements: Coins

How to: Summoning Loads_of_Coins_detail

Step 1)

In Summoning, you will need charms. This is the main item needed during Summoning, as every single monster requires a different charm. You can acquire charms by speaking to Sigbert the Adventurer at home.

How to: Summoning 150px-Sigbert

Step 2)

You will now need the other items needed to create your first pouch in Summoning, you can get these by speaking to Pikkupstix at home as well.

Note: There are 2 Pikkupstix's at home, you need to speak to the one that is furthest away from Sigbert.

How to: Summoning 150px-Pikkupstix

When you open the shop, you will need to buy the following items:

Spirit Shards
Raw Chicken

How to: Summoning Capture

Step 3)

Simply use the raw chicken on the pouch, and you will now have 1x Dreadfowl Pouch.

How to: Summoning 150px-Dreadfowl

Extra Information: When doing summoning, it is all sorted in order. From Raw chicken to Iron Ore, from Proboscis to Chinchompa and so on, so forth.

Good luck in advance!
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How to: Summoning
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