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 Need your help people!

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PostSubject: Need your help people!   Wed Aug 28, 2013 3:13 am

Right everyone! Firstly, how's it going?! Razz

Secondly I'm in desperate need of a Logo/Signature designer!

Reason for this is because I am making my own clan for World of Tanks 360 Edition :3

But I don't have a logo/Banner for my Forums D:
I know this isn't really the place to be posting this, but nonetheless, I didn't know who to turn to. is the forum (For Eclipse, I am not stealing your players nubcake <3)
There's a space at the top of it for the Banner/Logo, it needs to include the Clans name and have the Tiger 2 tank as the background!

As for the Signature, can it be something nice :3 With "Armartige" in big writing and underneath can it say "TGM Founder".

Many thanks guys! If you can help it will be much appreciated!!!!

Peace out for now ya'll!

Much love <3333
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Need your help people!
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