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 Glitches and updates.

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PostSubject: Glitches and updates.   Tue Aug 27, 2013 11:01 pm

these are some things that need fixing,

(1) When you get a task from duradel, it seems that you always get an elite task first so no matter what level you are, you will always have to get the easier task, this needs to be fixed for easier slayer or atleast ::resettask

(2) when in warrior guild, although you run out of tokens, you stay in the arena, this needs to be fixed as it is an easy gateway to getting a dragon defender Smile

(3) The skillcape shop is also bugged again, i think its to do with the summoning cape.

(4) A suggestion, The H.A.M place at home, this could be used for a donator zone? or staff zone? i think its a very sufficient area Smile

not alot of suggestions atm guys because jims doing a great job! im going away for a few days with my girlfriend, so ill see you all then!!! bye guys! Very Happy

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Glitches and updates.
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