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 Random suggestions - Subway

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Random suggestions - Subway Empty
PostSubject: Random suggestions - Subway   Random suggestions - Subway EmptyTue Aug 27, 2013 1:36 pm

So im just going to post random suggestions for server or forums here instead of making a new topic everytime i think of something. So here we go


When you do ::players it would be helpful to have a list of players that come up that shows name combat rank etc. This might just be me but i add everyone that comes onto the server Razz


Ive got no idea how hard it is to implement this but if you can maybe add a high scores that show hiscores for each skill and overall and stuff


Adding logs to the skiller shop would be very helpful for fletching and firemaking and stuff


Add fishing? haha i dunno if its just me being retarded but i dont think there is any fishing in the game yet.

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Random suggestions - Subway Empty
PostSubject: reply   Random suggestions - Subway EmptyTue Aug 27, 2013 10:51 pm

i like the ideas bud, they have been mentioned before, but this will refresh his memory. Very Happy

and for the fishing mate, its still in the old spot, teleport to camelot and then go to catherby, which is the opposite way to the bank of camelot, if you have trouble finding it pm me ingame ill be sure to help you out Smile
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Random suggestions - Subway
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