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 Omfg as an Assistant!

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Omfg as an Assistant! Empty
PostSubject: Omfg as an Assistant!   Omfg as an Assistant! EmptyMon Aug 26, 2013 12:56 am

In-game name: Omfg

How long have you been on here for?: Day and half (Soon to be longer)

Why should I choose you?: You should choose me to be an assistant because I am a loyal player and I will dedicate my time to the server. I will also be active by being on everyday for 3-5 hours! I am looking to make the community better and help a lot of players enjoy the server with these fun events. I will keep members of the server aware of when there will be events and will post on the forums if there is going to be event in the future!

Will you be active during every event?: I will be active during most of the events because I have school coming up but I will be on for most! If I get permission I will host events when I get out of school, because im pretty sure I live in a different timezone then most other people! For the most part I will be active during the events!

Other information: You can contact me on skype: platapu55, It is also below under the post!
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Omfg as an Assistant!
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