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PostSubject: EVENT MANAGER! (READ)   Sun Aug 25, 2013 11:26 pm

Hey guys! so ive been promoted to events manager, which means im gonna be hosting events alot more...

I can now dice, so ill be dicing sometimes, not all the time, as im not made of money Wink

events will take place for player milestones and achievements, E.g
-a number of players hit on the server
-1 month of the server running and so on..

I will also be doing some random placed events during the weeks, E.g
-Goodie Bags
-Hide and seek

Right so DROP PARTYS will be a rare occurance, and will only be done every so often as i feel this gives everyone a fair chance of recieving an item, but too many of these could ruin the economy and so therefore only for big occasions, maybe one out of kindness in the future, well see how it goes Smile

Both eclipse and i are choosing an assisstant, the bonuses for this is that you will help me and eclipse choose events, and be along side us when the events are being hosted! (THIS IS NOT STAFF)

You may recieve a prize personally for helping me at the end.

If you wish to enter to be my assisstant, please go to ASSISTANTHQ at the bottom of the forums and go to "want to be an assistant" and post there, it will tell you the questions you have to fill out in order to complete the form! i hope to see one of you soon and goodluck!
If you have any questions regarding any of the above, or would like to suggest something to do with events or anything like that, Post a reply below!

I hopeto see all you pretties on the server! <33

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PostSubject: Re: EVENT MANAGER! (READ)   Mon Aug 26, 2013 12:59 am

Sounds fair and a good idea!
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