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 Commands + more

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Commands + more Empty
PostSubject: Commands + more   Commands + more EmptySun Aug 25, 2013 9:29 am

Sooooo i have more suggestions, here they are Very Happy

(1) Add ::empty for things such as thieving which will be quicker and fishing, skills like that Very Happy

(2) To the game i know it will take a long time but add the command ::Pricelist which will open up a pricelist on your screen and you can see what the street price of items is. (regularly updated)

(3) When doing thieving ive noticed that when your inventory is full, the thieving still carries on and you still recieve xp, can this be fixed? as people can just afk autoclick and get a 99 by doing nothing.

(4) Command ::staff, this could be used to show what staff are online.

(5) The command list needs to be updated as there isnt many commands on their available, when there is some tha are not on there such as ::farming and ::request.

(6) ::task - what this does is when you recieve a slayer task, it teleports you to your task that way if you can not find it, its easier access to it without all the faffing out trying to find it Very Happy

(7) There isnt really a woodcutting area, but camelot is a suitable place, so maybe make a ::wc commands which is based in camelot?

(Cool also for wc behind the dual arena is magic trees, maybe add a ::magics command so when you reach high enough woodcutting you can use this command to tele you there! Very Happy

These are all i have for now, but if you have any modifications you wish to make, or any other suggestions post below or create a new post under the recommend an update section!

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Commands + more Empty
PostSubject: Re: Commands + more   Commands + more EmptySun Aug 25, 2013 9:51 am

#6. That isn't that easy to do, and people should know where there task is because if they don't then they shouldn't play runescape.. Also they can just ask people on the server or use the best tool ever: Google.

#2. That is easy, just make command and have redirect to a certain web URL.

#1. That is a good thing to have incase you need to clear junk out of bank also. Smile

#7. Woodcutting area is easy.. City Teleport > Camelot....
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Commands + more
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