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 Areas suggestions 3

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Areas suggestions 3 Empty
PostSubject: Areas suggestions 3   Areas suggestions 3 EmptySat Aug 24, 2013 3:30 am

(1) For slayer add ::resettask as i have been given bloodvelds for my second task but im only level 43 slayer but i need 50, so that needs to be fixed but for now add ::resettask so if any other players have the same problem they can just get a new one Smile

(2) Take the dice bag out of the shop, and only allow staff to be able to dice to regular players, as regular players can decide to rip other players off or not give them the winnings if they win, but staff are trusted and therefore wont do that Very Happy

(3) An alter needs to be added for acient curses and ancient prayers as turmoil and barrage and other prayer which id like to use are not available Sad

(4) With the 3 portals at home, sperate them out and make them easier to understand as if people walk into the portal they might not have a clue what the portals are and therefore may die from the process.

(5) more skiller shops need to be added and seperated, for example herbs need to be added for herblore instead of just seeds as you would have to do farming before you could get herblore up.

(6) Abyssal whip needs to be added to the weapons store as its in the slayer store but i cannot do slayer for the first reason in my suggestions so i cant get a whip Sad

These were just some minor suggestions i had in mind, but please leave feedback on what you think, and if you have any modifications post them below Very Happy


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Areas suggestions 3
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