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 Portal Redemption - New D&D

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Portal Redemption - New D&D Empty
PostSubject: Portal Redemption - New D&D   Portal Redemption - New D&D EmptyTue Dec 10, 2013 12:13 pm

As you may know, or may not know, we have a new staff added to our server. The Staff of Portals. This staff was discovered by Ancient Philosopher, Sigmund the 1st.

Here are some finer details of the new Distraction and Diversion.

NOTE: This will not start until the release of GP3.

~ Portal Redemption ~

To start this D&D, you need to obtain the Staff of Portals. This however; is not as easy as it sounds. You need to collect 4 of each elemental staff. Fire, water, earth and air. Once you have these staffs, you need to then obtain the Dramen Staff. Once you have all of these items, you need to take it to Sigmund the 1st whom will then merge them together forming the Staff of Portals. However; for his work he charges you a cost of 5 million gold pieces.

Once you have the Staff of Portals, all around Green Prosperity are 10 hidden portals. These could be anything from a tree, to a crate or from a trapdoor, to a ladder. In each portal is a chest. "The Chest of Portals". Once you open this chest you will obtain a page. Once you obtain all 10 pages, you must take them back to Sigmund. Who will then demand a cut from the treasure for putting the book together.

If you accept: You will be given a map to the Chests of Infinity, and Sigmund will get 10% of the reward.
If you decline: You will have to find another way to put the book together.

Once you get to the Chests of Infinity, you will find that one is called the "Chest of Hope" and the other "Chest of Worthiness". You can only choose one of these chests.

Once you open the chest, you will get a reward ranging from the minimum of 25M up to 1.5B

Once you complete this D&D, place your feedback here, and if enough people liked it, we will make it a weekly event (with less valuable rewards to save the economy)
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Portal Redemption - New D&D
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