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 Well hello again...

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PostSubject: Well hello again...   Tue Oct 15, 2013 12:26 pm

right to the point, if you guys dont want me back im not too fussed, but i quit to play rs3 for a while, i got 99 wc and then got hacked....bunch a bollocks really, so i thought id come see how things are, so hope you guys are all still enjoying the server, i might see you in-game or i might not.

-Toodaloo, Area
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Infernal Airi

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PostSubject: Re: Well hello again...   Fri Oct 18, 2013 8:45 am

So.. your finally back after everything? hm. maybe you will consider of staying this time . i think it was stupid for you to leave in the first place.
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Well hello again...
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