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 Panda's Application

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PostSubject: Panda's Application   Panda's Application EmptyFri Aug 16, 2013 3:34 pm

What is your ingame username?: Panda

Have you ever been staff on a server before?: Yes i have been staff a couple of times

If answered yes to above what server?: Well i was staff back in 2007 so i cant remember the server names but i have my staff experience.

Why do you deserve staff?: Well as a staff your duty is too keep the players happy and enjoy their playing time, And keeping naughty people out of the way. I think i deserve staff because i can the coding basics, and i will help the commuinty having good times

Have you ever committed an offence that has caused action to be forced on your account? (Jail, ban, mute) etc.: No never only if the owner is kidding around with me one of my motto Play the server and obey the rules

How many hours a day are you available? Iam on the computer pretty much all the time unless i go out or i have guests and ill try to be active alot.

Will you recruit new players, or just lie to get staff rank?: I will recruit players and make sure they have a good time i have alot of contacts on skype.

How many people have you helped out ingame? Get them to post on your topic: well i have just joined the server so i havent done anything yet, but i will spend more time in the server and help other people.

How many people have you invited to Green Prosperity??? Get them to post reply if so: its the same like the last answer but i will try to invite so much i can!

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PostSubject: Re: Panda's Application   Panda's Application EmptyFri Aug 16, 2013 3:39 pm


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Panda's Application
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