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 Hobune's in-game moderator application

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Hobune's in-game moderator application Empty
PostSubject: Hobune's in-game moderator application   Hobune's in-game moderator application EmptyFri Sep 20, 2013 6:20 pm

What is your ingame username? Hobune

Have you ever been staff on a server before? Yes, I have.

If answered yes to above what server? Websterscape - I was a global moderator on there for 2 years. (600+ active players)
And I've also been moderator on bunch of other servers, but they were small servers which have no importance, cause they most of them didn't even last a month.

Why do you deserve staff?
I believe I am one of the most mature person on here and I have a calm personality, which makes it dealing with problems easier.

Have you ever committed an offence that has caused action to be forced on your account? (Jail, ban, mute) etc. No

If answered yes to above, why? -

How many hours a day are you available? It all depends on the day, but I think I average at 6-7 hours.

What do you do if someone is spamming?
Depends what the person is spamming. Flaming someone and using profanities - instant mute. Random spam  - warn at first, and if the person doesn't listen me then it's a mute. Advertising and such - ban. And of course if the person makes new accounts and continues spamming then it's a Ipmute/Ipban.

How many people have you helped out ingame?
I've always answered and helped out if anyone yells out a question or a problem. I seriously don't count.

Will you recruit new players, or just lie to get staff rank? Yes, I have posted the link in my skype conversations(20-40 people conversations with people who know each other from rsps') numerous times.

How many people have you invited to Green Prosperity??? I'm not sure if any of them have actually joined, but I have a feeling none yet.
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Hobune's in-game moderator application
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